Emissions Reduction Strategies

There are endless possibilities when taking steps to reduce emissions from a vehicle or piece of equipment. Below are some key strategies to evaluate. Please be mindful of the different variables to consider before deciding on a specific strategy or vehicle group to approach. You can tailor the type of vehicle or strategy based on how you answer these questions.

Funding: Is funding available for the cost of the technology, installation, and operational expenses that may be incurred?

Vehicle Priority: Will the piece of equipment you are considering for retrofit:

  1. Be qualified for a verified technology?
  2. Need any modifications to enable the use of the technology/fuel you are considering?
  3. Remain in service long enough to be cost-effectively retrofitted?
  4. Require additional maintenance as a result of the retrofit?

Strategy Choice: Will the reduction strategy you are considering:

  1. Be applicable/available to the equipment you wanted to use it for?
  2. Achieve emission reductions in a cost-effective manner?
  3. Require special fuel, operational or maintenance needs that you can not obtain?