Each year we provide an opportunity to nominate and recognize organizations and businesses that took voluntary actions to improve air quality in the previous year. The nomination process is easy and awards provide an excellent opportunity to receive public recognition and media attention.  Award recipients benefit through a positive image in the community and by attracting customer attention.

Recognition Awards

Examples of activities that may make your organization eligible to receive this award include:

  • Install state-of-the-art emission control technology
  • Invest in energy efficiency and/or fuel efficient vehicles and technology
  • Provide transportation-related benefits such as telecommuting, compressed workweek, biking or carpool incentives, subsidized transit fare, etc.
  • Implemented an Environmental Management System, participate in Green Tier or engage in other activities that go beyond compliance
  • Actively inform employees about air quality conditions and actions via flyers, bulletin boards, e-mail or newsletters
  • Participate in pollution Action Day programs by notifying employees and rearranging work activities
  • Plant trees or use natural landscaping around your business
  • Participate in Green Power Partnership®, SmartWay® Transport or other environmental initiatives

The awards are announced at the Clean Air Extravaganza each May in southeastern Wisconsin. For more information, please read the Recognition Award Guidelines . The nomination process begins in February with a nomination deadline in March.  As the next nomination cycle approaches, we will post information on this website.

Please contact Peter McMullen at 414-263-8751 or for more information regarding the Recognition Awards.

Commuter Champion Award

In 2008, a Commuter Champion Award was initiated by the WPCA to recognize businesses or organizations that provide their employees a commuter choice or benefit. A true Commuter Champion should offer a variety of commuter choices, programs, or incentives to their employees.

The Commuter Champion Award is announced in conjunction with the Wisconsin Partners for Clean Air Recognition Awards at the Clean Air Extravaganza in May in southeastern Wisconsin.  For more information, please read the Commuter Champion Award Guidelines . The nomination process for this award is the same as the Recognition Award, beginning in February with a nomination deadline in March.

Please contact Peter McMullen at 414-263-8751 or for more information regarding the Commuter Champion Award.