2011 Award Winners

2011 Recognition Award Winners

Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (Milwaukee)

  • Made the following energy improvements, which resulted in an overall 5% reduction in electricity in 2011:
    • Installed lighting occupancy sensors indoors and LED exterior lighting
    • Replacing all building air handlers
    • Installed controls on hot water and heating/cooling pumps, reducing the electrical consumption by 59%
    • Monitoring electricity used by HVAC, lighting, and the data center to find areas in need of improvement or to invest in an energy management system
  • Promote and assist with alternative commute programs to reduce their employees’ transportation emissions
  • Began replacing fire extinguishers with ones that have a lower air emission impact
  • Developed a Sustainability Program Plan to outline their strategy for continued improvement and a Sustainability Purchasing Policy to improve all aspects of the procurement process
  • Applied to the DNR Green Tier program to commit to environmental progress
  • Measuring their carbon footprint they have noticed over an 18% reduction since 2008

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

  • Engaged in a four year performance contract with an energy service company that is increasing energy efficiency by 26-38% in phases through building retrofits and staff and resident involvement. This is resulting in $2.5 million in annual energy savings.
  • Installed a 50,000 square foot green roof on their library that conserves heating and cooling costs, sequesters carbon, and manages storm water run off
  • Installed solar panels on the library generating over 36,000 kWh electricity per year (3% of building’s electric needs) and reducing CO2 by 40 tons per year
  • Use an automated web-based dashboard system to monitor energy usage data and facilitate cross-campus conservation competitions
  • Offer a free online rideshare program called Zimride, which is accessible to all students, faculty and staff and allows for a customized ride search on a regular or one-time basis. 2,300 rides were posted in the 6 months the program was available in 2011.

Leonardo Academy (Madison) – Recipient of a Clean Air Stewardship Award

  • Extensive partnerships in the transportation and logistics sector have led to the advancement and dissemination of cleaner technologies.
  • Promote reduction of diesel fuel and emissions through participation in U.S. EPA’s SmartWay Transport Program as an Affiliate member and as a co-chair of the Wisconsin Clean Diesel Coalition. Efforts include earning and facilitating grants to fund clean diesel technologies on marine vessels, agricultural and construction equipment, school buses, and trucks.
  • Work with landowners to implement property-specific sustainable land-use practices, which help to mitigate and sequester greenhouse gases, create biodiversity, restore and preserve various ecological communities. Efforts include restoration of an oak savannah in Richland County as a demonstration project.
  • Assist businesses in measuring emission footprint, developing reduction strategies, and reporting reductions
  • As an accredited standards developer, they create credible systems for measuring, tracking and documenting a full range of emission reductions to be a practical guide to sustainable actions and create a competitive marketplace for sustainable goods/services. Efforts include developing a standard for measuring vehicle performance to help manufacturers improve sustainability, help companies report the performance of their fleet, and assist buyers in their purchasing decision.
  • Have taken internal measures such as reducing employee transportation emissions via flex scheduling, telecommuting, video conferencing and encouraging use of alternative transit, upgraded lighting, measuring employee and organizational footprints and reporting it to national climate change programs, and offsetting their organization’s emissions through purchases of renewable energy credits.

2012 Commuter Champion

Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (Milwaukee)

  • Has subsidized transit benefits to their employees for over 10 years, amounting to $100,000/year
  • With nearly 700 employees, they have achieved a 15% participation rate in the Milwaukee County Transit System Commuter Value Pass and Commuter Certificate programs
  • Sell transit tickets and passes on-site to the public, benefiting other workers downtown
  • Designated a transit coordinator who promotes transit programs and Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Rideshare Program and Emergency Ride Home Program
  • Provides on-site covered bike facilities, showers, and lockers to employees
  • Promotes all of their programs along with walking, biking, and road construction information via email and on an internal website