2002 Award Winners

2002 Recognition Award Winners

Industrial Towel & Uniform

  • installed solvent recovery equipment to reduce pollution while minimizing the need for additional solvent materials
  • reduced impacts on Ozone Action Days by tightening facility processes, postponing vehicle fueling and educating employees
  • invited other businesses and customers to tour their facilities to demonstrate the benefits of their waste minimization practices
  • exceeded requirements of the Clean Fuel Fleet Program in their vehicle purchases

SC Johnson

  • exceeded greenhouse gas reduction goals and participating of EPA’s Climate Leaders Initiative
  • planned to use methane gas from a local landfill for generation of electricity and heat at one of their plants (reducing the plant’s electricity and natural gas consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 50%)
  • designed and shared the Greenlist tool that measures and assists in the reduction of environmental and biological impacts of raw materials
  • tested EPA’s PBT Profiler software to assess materials’ environmental impacts and assist in more sustainable purchasing decisions
  • partnered with Goodwill Industries to recycle over 90% of the solid waste from one of their facilities

Urban Ecology Center

  • provided environmental education programs, seminars, workshops, trips, and festivals to urban students and the community
  • preserved and enhanced the surrounding natural resources along the river and park in which they reside
  • hosted an annual ozone monitoring class for the public, implemented an ozone curriculum for students and had a permanent ozone display
  • encouraged staff and the public to use alternative transit and supporting local bike initiatives
  • operated bi-fuel CNG vans and an electric truck

Honorable Mentions

American Lung Association of Wisconsin

  • participated in Ozone Action Days by doing media coverage
  • educated their employees and suppored flexible schedules
  • helped to promote the use of ozone mapping to TV stations
  • doing year-round air quality and health awareness media campaigns
  • released a report to alert people of the air quality issues in Wisconsin
  • participated in the School + Business = Clean Air Program
  • purchased a hybrid electric vehicle
  • participated in a group that encourages the use of alternative energy in southeast Wisconsin

CNH Global RMO

  • installed a highly efficient, low emission paint system
  • notified and educated employees on Ozone Action Days
  • participated in the School + Business = Clean Air Program