1998 Award Winners

1998 Recognition Award Winners

Community Memorial Hospital

Community Memorial Hospital provides incentives for their employees to carpool or use alternative modes of transportation to arrive at and depart from their work sites. Carpool drivers and riders receive points that can be accumulated and redeemed for $25 gift certificates. Community Memorial works closely with its Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is a member of the Menomonee Falls Transportation Management Association. It has also been instrumental in assisting in the expansion of transit routes and services to many area businesses.

In-Sink Erator

In-Sink Erator substituted vapor degreasing with aqueous cleaning technology and reduced VOC emissions from 18 to 2 tons per year. It also reduced VOC emissions from painting processes by 7 tons per year since 1992. (These changes also have helped to reduce emissions of other hazardous air pollutants.) In addition, the president of In-Sink Erator sent a letter with information from Wisconsin Partners for Clean Air to company employees, asking them to help improve air quality.

In-Sink Erator works to reduce trips by offering flexible work weeks, an on-site cafeteria, and postage and mailing services. On Ozone Action Days, notices are posted throughout the facility, and lawn maintenance and other discretionary VOC-producing activities are postponed to another (non-Ozone Action) day. Finally, In-Sink Erator serves as a business host in the School + Business = Clean Air! program.

Washington County

Washington Co. informs its 900+ employees about “clean commuting” through paycheck stuffers and informative flyers. For each summer day that an employee has a clean commute, the employee gets one “chance” to receive a $100 savings bond in a monthly drawing (e.g., if an employee has 8 clean commutes in July, she has 8 “chances” to win in July). At the end of the summer, all employees’ clean commute “chances” are combined in a drawing for a $500 savings bond.

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

WBMI corporate headquarters were designed with environmental considerations in mind. Only six of its 120 acres are covered with manicured turf. The remaining 114 acres are dotted with thousands of trees, wild flowers, and patches of prairie grass. If the entire property was covered with manicured turf, an additional 1,000 gallons per year of gasoline would be required. Natural landscaping also reduces pesticide and fertilizer usage and water consumption and runoff while providing natural walking trails for employees and a sizable area for indigenous wildlife habitat.

West Bend also encourages trip reduction by offering flex-time, a full-service cafeteria, a fitness center, on-site dry-cleaning and film development services, and UPS and postal services.