2005 Award Winners

2005 Recognition Award Winners

Culver Franchising System Inc.

  • Promotes and uses waste vegetable oil as a vehicle fuel. Developed a how-to guide with Madison Environmental Group and WI Department of Administration to assist in vehicle conversion to run on this fuel.
  • Partnered with Focus on Energy to retrofit some of their kitchen hoods with more efficient demand-control ventilation hoods
  • Developed an energy policy for all new Culver’s construction that includes: installation of Flue Bypass Proximity Hoods, high rated insulation and windows, large window overhangs and white roofs to prevent heat build-up, fluorescent and/or motion sensors and dimmers for lighting
  • Installed bike racks at all Culver’s and awards their franchises for best landscaping around patios
  • Uses photo-cell or time clocks for outdoor lights & LED bulbs for signs
  • Has a non-smoking policy in all restaurants

University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh

  • Largest purchaser of renewable energy in Wisconsin and 23rd among universities nationwide with 4% of total electric needs met through renewable energy in 2005 and 11% in 2006
  • Committed to a series of energy upgrades including replacing cooling equipment, lighting retrofits, installing digital utility meters and control system upgrades. This is projected to annually reduce costs by $92,000 and CO2, SO2, and NOx emissions by 1 million pounds.
  • Built a new recreation center to LEED standards and residence hall renovations included individual heat controls and energy-saving materials
  • Received an EPA Energy Star Award for a computer sleep mode program that is estimated to save $9,000/year
  • Provides free bus passes to students, faculty and staff, paid from parking revenue from those who drive to campus
  • Hosts the world’s largest Earth Charter Community Summit

Wisconsin Interfaith Climate & Energy Campaign

  • Promotes efficient use of energy and transportation to congregations and the public through workshops, workbooks, literature and website
  • Supports a sustainable agriculture program in a village in India that plants thousands of trees and uses the oil from the nuts to run farm equipment and water pumps
  • Collaborated with We Energies to conduct natural gas reduction workshops with walk-through audits for all 50 participating congregations’ facilities
  • Created Climate C.A.F.E. Educational Kits to inform people of their travel impacts, with labels for cups that remind users how much gas is required per mile of travel by different vehicle models
  • Supports and promotes the school bus retrofit project in SE WI