2003 Award Winners

2003 Recognition Award Winners

Madison Environmental Group, Inc.

  • Launched the Community Car program in Madison to provide an affordable transportation option. Currently 120 residents take advantage of this alternative to vehicle purchasing by reserving the program’s fuel-efficient cars around the city on an as-needed basis.
  • Piloted the Car-Free Challenge, which provided incentives for those who pledged to go car-free for two weeks. During the challenge, 106 participants reduced 10,422 vehicle miles and 9,400 lbs of CO2. Results were publicized for recognition and awareness.
  • Developed and manage Environmental Action Teams to help Dane County residents adopt environmentally sustainable lifestyles. 105 households have worked to reduce resource and vehicle use, improve air and water quality and save money. Participating households reduce 1,050 vehicle miles and 1,907 lbs of CO2 per year.
  • Designed a Madison Area Transportation Options Map to help commuters navigate the city car-free, by foot, bike, boat, bus, and beyond

Journal Sentinel Inc.

  • Built a new production plant in Milwaukee on the state’s largest reclaimed brownfield site
  • Installed new presses with an ink-application feature that eliminates ink-water spray emissions and reduces air emissions overall by 56 tons/year
  • Use new direct computer-to-plate-making technology, which eliminates the use of film and uses non-toxic chemicals
  • Substituted all lubricants and coolants with non-hazardous alternatives
  • Installed 486 Orion energy-efficient lighting fixtures, which will save the facility over 19.4 million kWh, reduce CO2 by 14,527 tons, carbon by 3,962 tons, NOx by 124 tons, and SO2 by 53 tons

Orion Energy Systems, Ltd.

  • Designed an energy efficient light fixture that delivers twice the light using half the power as a regular commercial light
  • Worked with many types of businesses to determine the potential savings using the lights. After installation, Orion has helped save 450 million kWh of electricity, reducing 337,500 tons of CO2, 92,037 tons of carbon, 2,877 tons of NOx, and 1,240 tons of SO2.
  • Developed an environmental stewardship award, which uses articles and advertisements to recognize companies that used their product and achieved significant energy and cost savings
  • Active participants in the energy policy debate