2017 Award Winners

2017 Recognition Award Winner

Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc. (Milwaukee)

  • Successful pilot of CO2 transcritical refrigeration system has prompted installation in all new stores, with eight currently in operation. This unique technology completely eliminates the use of a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant, which has over 3,000 times more global warming potential than CO2, while also reducing electricity by 20% and energy cost compared to the older system, further reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Electronic case controls on the system also reduce energy. Heat generated by the system is reclaimed for hot water use in the store. 
  • Replaced over 700 inefficient refrigeration motors with electronic commutated motors, which use less energy, generate less heat and operate more quietly.
  • Retrofitted over 1,600 feet of open refrigeration cases with doors in 2016, reducing electricity for refrigeration, decreasing building heating, increasing customer comfort and improving product quality. Case lighting was also upgraded to LED.
  • Replaced nearly 3,000 metal halide spotlight fixtures with LED in 23 stores in 2016, which use half the amount of electricity, generate less heat and improve lighting quality.
  • Expanded their food recycling program to all Wisconsin and Illinois stores, converting 3,400 tons of food waste into animal feed.

2017 Commuter Champion

Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center (Milwaukee)

  • Provide a range of on-site amenities including a café, convenience store, gym and credit union.
  • Adopted the nationwide VA Transit Benefit Program, which provides a monthly subsidy towards the purchase of bus passes. The program has reached 150 enrolled employees with 20 of them commuting from Washington County.
  • The center has its own bus stop located just outside the facility entrance where arrivals are announced.
  • Post transit maps and schedules on an internal website.
  • Started a Bike-to-Work Program a few years ago with information shared via email and an internal website with bike maps, program updates, and local bike events.
  • The Bike-to-Work group has grown to 56 members who can utilize several campus bike racks, showers and lockers. In addition, participants have access to an on-site quick bike repair service along with a monthly reimbursement to purchase bike equipment.
  • Their facility has direct access to the Hank Aaron State Trail, providing commuters an off road east-west linkage or lunch hour walking facility.
  • Organized a Rideshare program through their internal website, which led to three carpools with two to three riders each.
  • Provide a campus shuttle to serve the many buildings scattered throughout the large campus. Maps and shuttle schedules are posted in each of the buildings.
  • Provide flex-fuel vehicles in their fleet for employees who have to travel locally. Maintenance shop employees have access to seven Scout Electric Vehicles to transport people and materials between campus buildings.