2012 Award Winners

2012 Recognition Award Winners

S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. (Racine)

  • Set goal for 44% of global facility electricity used to come from renewable sources by 2016 in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases.
  • Installed two 415 foot wind turbines to Waxdale manufacturing facility in Mount Pleasant that supply 15% of facility’s electricity. Two previously installed co-generation units using local landfill gas supply the remaining 85% electricity allowing the facility to now run completely off of renewable energy. The wind turbines, which generate the equivalent electricity to power 700 homes, are expected to reduce CO2 by 6,600 tons/year and save $500,000/year.
  • Implemented renewable energy projects worldwide including: wind turbine at facility in The Netherlands that generates 50% of facility’s power; mini wind turbines at sales office in Arkansas that reduce over 2.5 tons/year of greenhouse gases; boiler at facility in Indonesia that uses biofuel from waste rice husks to heat water and reduces greenhouse gases by 7,800 tons/year.
  • Will continue to invest in new technology for cleaner energy.

Union Cab (Madison)

  • Converted entire sedan fleet to hybrid electric cars, improving fuel economy by 23%, saving $180,000 since implementation, and reducing CO2 so far by 567 tons.
  • Implemented a no-idling policy for non-hybrid fleet vehicles, which is improving fuel economy 3-10% and in 2012 saved at least $6,600 in fuel cost and over 20 tons of CO2.
  • Installed solar panels on their maintenance building, which have since provided over 1/3 of the electricity used in the building, reduced energy costs, earned rebates from the local utility, and reduced CO2 by 6 tons.
  • Offer bike racks (of which all 4 are typically full in warmer months), covered bike storage, and discounted bus passes through paycheck deduction for employees, most of whom live nearby and are encouraged to bike, walk, or bus to work.
  • Held an event with displays represented by various groups to educate employees about healthier living, ways to reduce energy, and driving tips through the company’s Drive Smarter Challenge.
  • Distributed a company newsletter with 15 helpful eco-driving tips from and for company drivers.

2013 Commuter Champion

Rockwell Automation (Milwaukee)

  • Sells transit passes and tickets on-site
  • Displays transit schedules and information
  • Provides a guaranty ride home service
  • Promotes Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Rideshare Program and an internal carpool program
  • Provides secured covered bike parking and changing/shower facilities for bike commuters
  • Offers bike repair kits and repair assistance when needed
  • Promotes Bike to Work event at company headquarters with local bike vendors and Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, including prize drawings
  • Organize employee commuting groups and has a designated commuter benefits coordinator
  • Offers compressed work flexible schedules to minimize commutes
  • Offers on-site amenities such as laundry, stamps, event tickets, and convenience items
  • Maintains an internal informational website dedicated to commuting options and a monthly $50 gift card raffle for those who participate