2009 Award Winners

2009 Recognition Award Winners

Orion Energy Systems (Manitowoc)

  • Installation of their lighting fixtures in 2009 in Wisconsin alone reduced over 106 million kWh, $8 million, and over 70,000 tons of CO2, which is equivalent to removing over 17,000 cars from the road. They saved over 3 billion kWh ($267 million, 2 million tons CO2) nationwide in 2009.
  • Opened a new technology education center for their research and development as well as educating businesses and students about energy conservation measures. The new center has a shared loop heating/cooling system, maximizes daylighting, and uses low-flow water fixtures.
  • Outfitted their manufacturing facility with their own solar light tubes
  • Recycle 95% of their manufacturing byproducts and fixtures removed from customer facilities
  • Active in many state and national environmental, business and manufacturing groups to promote energy efficiency
  • Called upon by the Obama administration for counsel on federal energy initiatives
  • Received numerous state and national awards for their products, services and commitment

Riteway Bus Service, Inc. (Richfield)

  • Implemented a fuel and maintenance conservation program with policies and monitoring of idling, speed governors, automated tire pressure monitoring systems to improve fuel and tire life, and bonuses to managers to reward and encourage fuel savings
  • Retrofitted over 180 school buses with exhaust treatment devices and purchasing new school and coach buses that meet EPA’s highest emission standards
  • Improved employee transportation emissions through video conferencing and shuttles between their facilities
  • Improved facility emissions through lighting upgrades, integration of paperless processes, and extensive recycling programs
  • Working with Focus on energy to identify further energy savings
  • Received numerous state and national awards for their commitment to reduce fuel consumption and emissions

2010 Commuter Champion

Fiore Companies

An investment group in Madison that received the 3rd annual Commuter Champion Award for providing a variety of alternative commute options and incentives to the employees at one of their Network 222 building including: transit tickets sold on-site, carpool and vanpool programs, bike facilities, bike groups, bike maps, Community Car (a car sharing program), periodic bike tune-ups, prize drawings for alternative commuters, extensive education and outreach and many other activities.