2010 Award Winners

2010 Recognition Award Winners

Frito-Lay (Beloit)

  • Installed a heat exchanger/propylene glycol loop system to recover waste heat from a fryer stack. Enough heat is recovered to heat their entire 550,000 square foot facility for the winter plus handle 3 potable hot water loads, saving $600,000/year and reducing CO2 by 2,200 tons/year. The system is large enough to handle additional thermal loads that arise.
  • Researching the addition of an adsorption chiller to the glycol loop system to use waste heat for meeting the plant’s cooling and air conditioning loads.
  • Fleet changes included:
    • Installed direct fire heaters on 55 trucks to reduce engine idling, which saved 4,000 gallons of fuel and over 38 tons of CO2 in 2010.
    • Installed aerodynamic features to tractors and trailers, including fuel tank skirting which has a 4% MPG improvement saving over 12,000 gallons/year of fuel and 120 tons of CO2/year. Also converted from double to single axles in tractors, improving MPG by 14%.
    • Converted 49 trucks to an 80% more fuel-efficient model. In 2010 this saved 26,000 gallons of fuel and reduced 250 tons of CO2.
    • Switch to synthetic oil tripled the mileage between oil change intervals, improved fuel economy by 1%, led to better winter cold-starts and reduced waste oil by 2,400 gallons/year.
    • Implemented driver training to teach eco-driving tactics such as proper shifting, speed control and idling reduction. This will save an estimated 8,900 gallons/year of fuel and 85 tons/year of CO2.

Milwaukee County Transit System (Milwaukee)

  • Purchased 90 new buses that meet 2010 engine standards, reducing emissions by over 90%
  • Replaced 20 older diesel engines with new engines, resulting in a 20% emission reduction and annual fuel and maintenance savings of over $200,000
  • Buses feature engine, emission, brake and tire technologies that improve mileage
  • Promoting multi-modal transport by installing bike racks on all buses to further the emission benefits and health of their riders
  • Replaced 11 vehicles with hybrids, reducing 180 tons of CO2 and over 5,100 gallons of gas per year
  • Use low-VOC paints in their body shop and use a paint system that minimizes paint loss
  • Use low-VOC inks in their print shop and recycled paper for printing projects
  • Installed timers on their tool air compressors to prevent them from running continuously
  • Installed a new boiler at one of their buildings that is 20% more efficient, saving over $7,000/yr
  • Replaced electric baseboard heating with gas heat at administration building, which is expected to save over $75,000/year
  • Implemented a company-wide energy savings policy for employees prohibiting use of personal space heaters, humidifiers and fans and requiring computers and lights to be shut off when not in use
  • Created an Energy Team to monitor and minimize energy consumption

Roundy’s Supermarkets, Inc. (Milwaukee)

  • Committed to ongoing voluntary reductions in energy, waste and emissions at their Oconomowoc Distribution Center via participation in WDNR’s Green Tier program.
  • Achieved 2010 energy reductions of over 700,000 kWh and saved nearly 600 tons of CO2 at their headquarters though adjustments to the lighting schedule, use of self-adjusting light fixtures, using less bulbs per fixture, and shutting down computers during inactivity.
  • Improvements at their distribution centers include:
    • Retrofitted over 25% of its Oconomowoc trucks with diesel oxidation catalysts.
    • Prohibit idling in its fleet and implemented strict limitations on third party trucks at two of their distribution centers.
    • Use software tools to evaluate optimal trailer load to reduce mileage and fuel use.
    • Promote carpooling with preferred parking, which has a participation rate of 125 employees.
    • Replaced forklift battery chargers at the Stevens Point distribution center and installed controls to reduce load during non-charging periods, which saved over 130,000 kWh and 100 tons of CO2 in 2010.
    • Upgraded 2,000 lighting fixtures and installed occupancy sensor controls which decreases energy and heat emitted, further reducing energy usage. Annual savings estimated at 750,000 kWh and 590 tons CO2 reduced.
    • Recycling plastic, papers, and metals from its distribution centers and retail stores.
  • Installation of 231 solar panels on one of their stores resulted in over 58,000 kWh savings (3% reduction) and 44 tons CO2 reduction in 2010. Examining installations at other stores.
  • Two stores received Green Grocer certification by the WI Grocer’s Association and they are now implementing green grocer features at all Madison stores
  • All stores are monitored through Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager System
  • 23 stores are equipped with systems that monitor and control refrigeration, HVAC, fan hoods, ceiling fans, lighting and sub-metering of gas, electric and water. This had an estimated 2010 savings of over 7 million kWh and nearly 6,000 tons of CO2
  • New Waukesha store was LEED Silver certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) by the US Green Building Council and all new stores will be built to same criteria

2011 Commuter Champion

Godfrey & Kahn, S.C. Attorneys at Law (Milwaukee)

  • Godfrey & Kahn is law firm being recognized for offering on-site purchasing of pre-tax transit passes and vouchers, which provide approximately three weeks of transit per month to employees, along with displaying transit schedules and information. These efforts have led to 15% workforce utilization of transit at the Milwaukee office, avoiding parking fees and reducing vehicle emissions. Individuals in the transit programs are also eligible for emergency or guaranteed rides home that are offered through the transit agency.
  • Both the Milwaukee and Madison offices participate in Bike to Work events as well as providing volunteers and sponsorships. Offices also have access to bike racks and maps. Other commute initiatives include compressed or flex-work schedules and the availability of an Employee Transportation Coordinator to assist with commuting needs.