2016 Award Winners

2016 Recognition Award Winners

General Mitchell International Airport (Milwaukee)

  • Improving fleet efficiency with: Operation of compressed natural gas vehicles including 12 shuttles, a garbage truck, three cars, and four pick-up trucks, saving over 15 tons/year of NOx
  • Partnership to install and utilize a public compressed natural gas station
  • Installation of three electric vehicle charging stations capable of charging six vehicles (2 public and 1 for employees)
  • Upgraded to LED lighting in main terminal
  • Ongoing HVAC upgrades that, once completed, are expected to save $150,000/year
  • Monitoring energy usage with meters to evaluate need for additional upgrades
  • Renovated the baggage claim building to LEED standards (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) with many sustainable upgrades including:
    • energy-saving features like natural daylighting and LED lighting, occupancy sensors, automatic lighting controls, efficient HVAC systems and baggage carousels;
    • low-emission cleaning products;
    • construction, interior and furnishing materials that were reused, made of recyclable materials and/or locally-sourced;
    • water-saving features like low-flow toilets, touchless faucets and efficient landscaping;
    • a 5,000 ft2 green roof installed with a grant through the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, supporting the County's Green Print Initiative. The green roof: improves air quality with vegetation;
      • improves water quality by decreasing polluted run-off and slowly releasing water into the storm water sewer system, reducing risk of sewer overflows;
      • reduces energy demand from HVAC and related cost by insulating the building;
      • protects roof from damaging UV rays, extending roof life, reducing waste and cost; and
      • is used as an educational tool; and
    • educational signage about the green roof and real-time energy monitors to raise awareness amongst visitors of the airport's efficiencies.

Marshall Auto Body (Waukesha)

  • Dedicated to continuous improvement, they implemented a lean production system based on Toyota's model and teach others in the industry about lean principles through in-house training and traveling to other facilities
  • Installation of a 10,000ft2 solar array on their roof supplements 65% of their energy
  • Added a third electric vehicle charger, a rapid charger. All chargers are solar-powered.
  • Replaced two low-mpg company vehicles with two all-electric solar-charged vehicles, reducing fuel consumption by 1,500 gallons/year
  • Use of a gas powered catalytic drying robotic system dries paint with radiant heat through infrared energy, reducing energy consumption and paint dry time by 60% while doubling their vehicle output
  • Changed to water-based paint finish, reducing VOCs by about 90% over conventional paint
  • Reduction in paint use through other process improvements further reduced VOCs, waste and emissions from paint deliveries, which were cut by over 75%
  • Installed two huge ceiling fans in shop area, reducing cooling and heating costs by over 30%
  • Reduced overhead door operation by 60% cutting HVAC losses
  • Installation of high efficiency rotary screw air compressor cut energy in production area air system by 20%
  • Reduced fuel consumption, travel emissions and time spent by customers and vendors by improving processes such as electronic repair updates to customers, reduction in part returns, reduction in insurance re-inspections, and offering in-house services.

2016 Commuter Champion

Schlitz Park (Milwaukee)

  • Schlitz Park is a 46-acre vibrant landmark business office community developed from a once shuttered brewery and now home to over 40 companies and 4,500 employees.
  • Tenants include a wide range of organizations including non-profits, health care, technology and for-profit corporations.
  • Although not an employer, Schlitz Park is committed to sustainable values and providing environmentally friendly amenities to its tenants.
    • Its central location provides easy access to public transportation, bike routes with designated lanes and walkability along Milwaukee's RiverWalk.
    • Successfully lobbied to secure Washington County Commuter Express and Ozaukee County Express on-site bus stops.
    • Provides tenants an online interactive Commuter Transit Map to assist in planning transit commute routes along with the development of a Suburban Commuter Transportation Options resource guide.
    • Provides free electrical vehicle charging facilities for tenants.
    • Hosts a ZipCar carsharing pickup site.
    • Provides ample bicycle parking spread out around the campus including weather protected areas, along with providing showering and changing facilities.
    • Loans out free bikes to tenants and hosts a Bublr Bikes bikeshare station.
    • Works with the Wisconsin Bike Fed to promote bicycle-friendly workplaces, offering guided bike tours and safety workshops including development of a bicycle commuting and route guide.
    • Provides free monthly bike tune-ups from a local bike shop: DreamBikes.
    • Recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as a Bicycle Friendly Business at the Gold Level.
    • In addition to on-site coffee and dining services, Schlitz Park has partnered with the Fondy Food Center to open a weekly seasonal pop-up farmers' market to provide tenants with fresh, locally grown produce; and
    • Other amenities include three fitness centers, laundry, alterations, shoe repair and other services.