2007 Award Winners

2007 Recognition Award Winners

George Weston Bakeries – Brownberry (Oconomowoc)

  • Installed numerous energy savings fixtures like 475 energy efficient light fixtures, a high speed receiving dock door, programmable thermostats, digital spark igniters in ovens, sensor-controlled faucets, and low-flow shower heads
  • Other energy savings include reduced air compressor pressure and operation time, reduced washing of bread cooler, reorganized production schedule
  • Continuous improvements through installation of meters to monitor oven and boiler gas usage; continual inspections to replace worn parts, fix air leaks, clean parts to maintain proper function; installing an air make-up automation system
  • Researching ways to further reduce heat/energy loss: exterior lights (vapor to LED), ovens (reduce oxidizer when ovens are empty), loading docks (new trailer enclosures) and HVAC (heat loss recovery from oxidizers for HVAC and hot water).
  • Formed an Energy Team to evaluate and maintain operation efficiencies

Madison Metropolitan School District (Madison)

  • Implement energy efficiency projects on a continual basis including: lighting retrofits, installation of motion sensors, addition of PV panels, replaced over 300 steam traps, converted from steam to hot water heat, creation of community gardens, partnering with the City of Madison in extending a bike path, cease operation of outdoor power equipment during Clean Air Action Days.
  • Environmental educational opportunities offered to their students result in improvements at the schools and the student’s homes. Created student energy clubs and facilitated a Lights Out at Lunch project to reduce energy used in building during lunch hours and to measure and promote the results.
  • Earned a nationally recognized energy conservation program and Energy Star Building Certification at many schools.

Orion Energy Systems (Manitowoc)

  • Deployed their energy management products to over 3,300 facilities in North America and in 2007 alone reduced emissions by almost 400,000 tons!
  • Developed its new Apollo™ Light Pipe which collects and focuses daylight into a facility replacing electricity during peak demand daytime hours.
  • Developed a technology to accurately track carbon reductions, providing a platform for emission trading. Successfully completed its first sale of carbon credits with a lighting retrofit project that reduced 2000 tons of CO2 over 3 years and saves $100k annually.
  • Take internal efficiency measures as well: installed a micro-turbine to operate a new powder coating system, while also using the turbine’s waste heat in the system’s baking chamber; recycle 95% of the materials from their manufacturing process; package fixtures in boxes that serve as return boxes for the customer’s old fixtures.
  • Successful in their lobbying efforts for energy policy changes, including creating incentives for energy savings and credits for energy-saving products.
  • Received numerous awards for their innovation and also award and promote their customers’ impacts.

2008 Commuter Champion

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual received the Commuter Champion Award for their strong commitment to their employees and their transportation needs. Transportation programs and benefits include the Commuter Value Pass and Commuter Value Certificates for transit, vanpooling, carpooling, biking and a shuttle service that travels between the Downtown Campus and Franklin Campus.